Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikash Samiti

Child Development project:

ASHA KIRAN – A ray of hope is the name given to the Child Development initiative to send 150,000 out of school children back to school. Under Child development program, children from vulnerable communities who have never been enrolled to any School or have been dropped out of school, are sent back to school after required brushing up. The objective is to facilitate these children’s access to mainstream state funded primary / elementary schools.

Criteria for selection of children under Asha Kiran project of Rotary India Literacy Mission

• Children between age group 7 to 14 years
• Who have never been to school ; or
• Who are not attending school but nominally enrolled, irregular, laggard or absent for more than 45 days without informing the school

Priorities to be given to following socially vulnerable groups:

Children from socially and economically disadvantaged and vulnerable communities like children of migrant workers, victims of child labour practices, tribal communities and children in need of care and protection etc.

(Village / City), (GP / Ward), (Block), (District) and (State)
▪ State: Bihar
▪ City: Muzaffarpur
▪ District: Muzaffarpur
▪ Block(s): (i) Kanti (ii) Marwan (iii) Musahari
▪ GPs: (i) Manifulkaha (ii) Bakatpur (iii) Serukahi (iv) Birpur (v) Harchanda and (vi) Barmarpur
in Kanti Block.
(i) Jiyan Kurd (ii) Mahamudpur Sube (iii) Subhankarpur and (iv) Karja in Marwan Block.
(i) Madhubani in Musahari Block
Coverage: 11 GPs of 3 Blocks (Kanti, Marwan and Musahari)

The primary objective of the project is to facilitate the mainstreaming of 400 marginalized girl children between the ages of 7-14, belonging to the SC, OBC, and Musahar communities and hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, into the formal education system. These girls have either never been enrolled in school or have dropped out due to poverty or other socio-economic reasons. The project will establish 14 “Asha Kiran Education Centers,” accommodating 30 girls each, in the Kanti, Marwan, and Musahari blocks of Muzaffarpur district. The project duration spans from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024. During this time, the centers will work towards facilitating the enrollment of the girls in government schools, thereby providing them with access to quality education.