Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikash Samiti

CASE STUDY ON E-SHAKTI PROJECT, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD)

Animator’s Name – Satrughan Kumar

Block – Kanti       Panchayat – Shahpur      Village – Shahpur 

Name of CM – Babita Devi      Name of Group – Harindra Group/Ramawati Devi

Number of Members – 11

                             Loan Details

Group Code Number – 10515007020045    

Group Account Number – 1001611030011193

Bank Loan – 2,00,000

Loan Payment – 20,000

E-Shakti Project was started by the organization in September 2016.At the starting stage of the project it was found that the groups meeting was not regular and the presence of the members was also not regular. The member did not have any information about accounting and record. There was no discussion of social and economic issues in the meeting and there was no regular return of bank loan. 

                             Impact of E-Shakti Project on Groups

There is mutual consent in member from E-shakti project. The member is now aware of the information regarding the payment book. The repayment of debt has been taking place from time to time. Personal account number, Aadhar number and mobile number of members of the group has been updated on the e- Shakti portal resulting that awareness has come from receiving messages from Nabard E-Shakti portal. Now the group meeting is going on regularly and all records are being updated. Leadership has grown in women. The defalcation of money in the group has now become less due to E-Shakti.