Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikash Samiti

Case Study (Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programmes (LEDPs), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

Name of Beneficiary- Sumitra Devi

Husband’s Name- Subhash Paswan

Age-35 years

Village- Raksa Bazaar

P.S.- Karja

District- Muzaffarpur

Goat Farming

SUMITRA DEVI belonging to schedule caste and a marginal labourer earlier, used to strife hard to win breads for two times for her three kids. She wasn’t much literate and well acquainted with any skills to take up any different job neither she had enough money to start any kind of self employment for herself. These circumstances compelled her to be a marginal labourer. She considered it a fell of fate and adjusted her life in that manner.

Her fate took a U-turn when she became a member of SUJATA self help group and got an opportunity to be a part of NABARD initiated LEAD project, which aims to provide livelihood support to poor and marginalised people. He was chosen by SHG and project was implemented by Akhil Gramin YuVa Vikash Samiti, an NGO based in Muzaffarpur.  She underwent an extensive seven days training programme for goat rearing and learnt that how we can earn an handsome amount of money after rearing goats in a trained manner. The training involves theoretical and practical demonstration of all the basics of goat rearing and also made trainees aware of technical details about different diseases that animals suffer and their early detection, mitigation and prevention.

SUMITRA took a keen interest in the training and outperformed by achieving first division in a test conducted by AGYVS  to test the knowledge of all trainees.

With the efforts of NABARD, AGYVS and Gramin Bank, Barka Gaon, she was provided a loan of fifty thousands to began her livelihood. Her acquired skills proved worth and now she makes a double amount as compare to earlier and supporting her family well. Sharing her experience, SUMITRA says, “her life has completely changed now as she feels more confident and dignified also life doesn’t feel as tough as it used to be earlier”. He conveyed her gratitude to all the stakeholders involved in changing her life.