Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikash Samiti

Various Types of Skill Development Program for Livelihoods

Course Content

(I) Footwear Making

  1. Orientation & Introduction.
  2. Basic shoe styles, Basic designing and pattern generation; inside / outside shoe/sandle frames.
  3. Basic cutting exercises and Area measurement techniques.
  4. Sewing exercises on paper / leather; Fabrication techniques; Sequence of operations with quality control; Specifications of accessories.
  5. Footwear constructions; Hand operations practice; Machine operations, Sole attaching; Finishing operations – Brushing and Polishing.

(II) Agarbatti Making

  1. Orientation and Introduction.
  2. Knowledge about different forms of Agarbattis.
  3. Preparation of Powder (Mix) for Agarbatti making.
  4. Selection of proper sticks and rolling of required thickness.
  5. Ability to roll the scented masala dough onto sticks for obtaining required thickness.
  6. Drying, Packing and Branding of finished Agarbattis.

(III) Nursery Cultivation

  1. Introduction of Nursery
  2. Knowledge of seeds.
  3. Pre sowing treatment of seeds.
  4. Direct sowing of seeds in polythene bags.
  5. Mulching.
  6. Transplanting of seedlings.
  7. Weeding.
  8. Watering.
  9. Control of diseases.  
  10. Pruning.
  11. Replacement of dead/damaged seedling.

(IV) Lac Bangle Making

  1. Orientation and Introduction.
  2. Melting of Lac.
  3. Coloring
  4. Stucking of Colored Lac on a wooden stick.
  5. Heating and shaping in different bangle sizes.

(V) Mosquito Net Making

  1. Orientation and Introduction.
  2. Measuring.
  3. Cutting and folding.
  4. Sewing and final preparation.
  5. Packing and Branding of Mosquito Nets.