Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikash Samiti

Vocational Training Program For Poor and Marginalized Women, Muzaffarpur, Bihar(India)

Training and supporting 220 poor women & adolescent girls (age 15-35 years) through income generation vocational trades, so that they may become self-reliant, increase their income, and raise their living standards, thus ensuring their participation in the economy and develop leadership qualities among them to act as the focal point of dissemination of knowledge in their own area of activity. The criteria for success would be the improved socio-economic status of the beneficiaries when the project completes its duration of 2 years. The beneficiaries will be selected from the Kanti block of the Muzaffarpur district in Bihar for the project where the vocational training needs and demands of poor women are high. In Bihar, women are only involved in domestic work in the family inside the boundary of the house, which does not have any economic value in the people’s perception. The work analysis at the family level reflects that female of each rural family undertakes almost 80% of work. However, they have the right potential to become an earning member of the family. 220 poor women will be trained in trades like Hosiery Products (20 women/girls per batch x 4 batch x 6 months per batch (2 batches in I year and 2 batches in II years), Lac Bangle Making (20 women/girls per batch x 3 batch x 4 months per batch (Training will be imparted in the I Year Only), and Beautician work (20 women/girls per batch x 4 batch x 6 months per batch (2 batches in I year and 2 batches in II second year) in 2 years. Long term impact of the implementation of the project would be the socio-economic reliability of the project beneficiaries along with their true integration in the family and society at large for overall progress.

Project Duration- 2 Years

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